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  • Affordable Hotel in Hanoi West neighborhood

    30-10-2016 // 1,513 view(s)

    The number of tourists come to Vietnam is increasing. Town center is often their ideal place as entertainment, and its the reason why in the capital where has gradually formed a neighborhood called West Street. Including the West neighborhood in Hanoi.

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  • Hotel near Hanoi Railway Station

    30-10-2016 // 1,479 view(s)

    You go to Hanoi for some business or travel and wonder where to stay? Which is the affordable hotel? Come with us, Hanoi Sports Hotel - which is near the Hanoi station, you will experience the perfect served with a surprisingly reasonable price. Moreover, it”s also convenient for visiting different interesting places or engrossed in works.

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  • Cheap Hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter

    30-10-2016 // 2,330 view(s)

    If you are traveling to Hanoi and want to visit the 36 streets of this place, let me take you on a tour then. You will be witnessed the unique architecture of the old town here, specially discover the name of each route and find out typical items associated with each street.

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  • Affordable Hanoi Hotel

    15-10-2016 // 1,486 view(s)

    Hanoi is one of the ideal tourist destination, many visitors choose to retreat for their travel itinerary. Hanoi is a beauty of a harmonious combination of traditional and modern, come with it now to have many different emotions.

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  • Cheap Hotel in Hanoi Centre

    23-09-2016 // 2,500 view(s)

    Hanoi is one of the attractive tourist destination with many attractions and famous places. When traveling to explore Hanoi - modern life, you do not have to go far to find a high quality hotel but at the center of Hanoi, one of the hotel received a lot of customer satisfaction is Hanoi Sports Hotel, located right in the center of the city.

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  • Hoan Kiem Lake - Ngoc Son Temple

    03-08-2016 // 1,206 view(s)

    If said Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam is cultural historical monuments from Hanoi leading the Hoan Kien - Ngoc Son Temple is the leading natural landscapes. Both these destinations are the most scenic land of Trang An

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